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CIF Cream Surface Cleaner, the world's choice for home cleaning, is finally here!

Okay, mga friends. Eto na to. For all savvy housewives and homemakers in style, those who find themselves challenged by today's many changes, forced to divide their time and attention among the family's many needs while trying to maintain a spot-free home, adjusting to the multiple roles they've taken, which have left them with little time to maintain the warm and healthy house they're proud to have invested on, I have news: there is a new product to make your lives easier, particularly by making your tasks faster and more manageable:

Cif Cream Surface Cleaner!

Yes, it's here! Cif Cream Surface Cleaner for the toughest cleaning jobs around the house, especially inside the kitchen. It's the homecare brand trusted by generations of dedicated homemakers for over 40 years - and it's now available in the Philippines!

About Cif Cream Surface Cleaner:
  • It contains millions of micro particles that deliver unbelievable tough cleaning and shine
  • It combines chemical and mechanical action to deal with dirt without damaging surfaces
  • It penetrates dirt and lifts away even the toughest stains
  • All you need to do is apply the non-scratch cleaner directly to the surface, leave it for a few seconds, then wipe over the surface with a damp sponge or cloth
And you'll have every surface in the house clean, spotless, and shiny in no time!

Cif Surface Cleaner is recommended for the following surfaces: stainless steel, hard surface tops and gas burners, marble, granite and ceramic kitchen tops and bathroom sinks, exhaust fans that are metal-coated with paint or enamel, ceramic tiles, the bottom of stainless steel and non-stick cooking pans, marble, concrete or tiles floors, refrigerator doors that are metal-painted with enamel, and ceramic toilets.

Cif Cream Surface Cleaner will be available in all leading supermarkets in both original and lemon scents starting February 2011.

So ladies, bili na!

Electrolux Asian Food Survey 2010 reveals Asia’s Passion for Food

While Asians prefer dining at home, passion for cooking surprisingly runs higher in men
• Asians prefer eating at home but many unable to do so
• Passion for cooking runs higher among men
• Quality of fresh food is better than in the past
• Health is a big concern among Asians
• Thai and Chinese cooks most likely to experiment

In keeping with its “Thinking of you” brand proposition, Electrolux, a global leader in kitchen and home appliances, has completed and released the results of the Electrolux Asian Food Survey 2010. One of Asia’s largest food surveys - reaching out to over 4,000 respondents from across eight Asian countries - the Electrolux Asian Food Survey 2010 aims to provide better insights into the trends of food preparation in Asia, as well as the motivations of the consumer when it comes to food and dining.

“The Electrolux ‘Thinking of You’ brand proposition is top-of-mind in the work that we do. This is the second time we are conducting such a large-scale survey and we hope to gather views and feedback from our consumers, and in turn, better understand their desires and create experiences that mean something to them,” said Marco Paracciani, Senior Vice President, Product and Brand, Electrolux Asia Pacific.

Asians prefer eating at home but many unable to do so

Despite being a region well-known for its penchant for good food, made readily available through a myriad of hawker fare, street stalls and restaurants, most respondents would much rather enjoy a home-cooked meal in the comfort of their own dining rooms.

The average Asian working adult however finds this impossible to do during lunch. If you take the limited time available for lunch and factor in traffic and distance from work, most people would settle for an eatery within walking distance of their place of work. But this does not apply to the Indians. Nearly half of Indian respondents take the effort to lunch at home.

The reality is that although Asians do have a preference for home-cooked meals, the demands of work and friends make it difficult to reconcile their wants and their choices. Well over half of them are still dining out at least once every two weeks.
• 90% of respondents prefer eating at home.
• 45% of Indians have lunch at home compared to the regional average of 23%.
• 61% of Asians dine out at least once every two weeks.

Passion for cooking runs higher among men

In an age where home delivery numbers have made it into our speed dials and take-out is very much part and parcel of lunch and sometimes even dinner, the desire to dabble in cooking is still going strong. Indians are the most passionate cooks in Asia, followed closely by the Indonesians, Malaysians and Filipinos.

In Asian culture normally steeped in tradition, women have tended to be the mistress of the home and kitchen. However, the survey shows that there is a slight gender difference when it comes to the passion for cooking, with more men spending time in the kitchen than women.

Men are becoming connoisseurs of epicurean pleasures; and a sexy one too. Considered to be sensitive and metrosexual, men who cook are “in” and the kitchen appliances are now his power-tools; a tantalizing meal is now his pet project.

It is also precisely these tools that make time in the kitchen so alluring to men nowadays. Sleek and stylish kitchen appliances create a classy and sophisticated environment that no man would mind being caught in, and the latest and state-of-the-art in kitchen technology appeals to the tech- and gadget-savvy.

“In Asia, more people are spending time in kitchens to entertain, and as a hobby and passion. That is why at Electrolux, we feel it is necessary to design kitchens with the latest cutting-edge technology and thoughtful designer flair to fully enhance the cooking experience in every way possible for our Asian consumers,” said Dr Suresh Balan, President, Electrolux East Asia.
• 64% of Asians enjoy or are passionate about cooking.
• 75% of Indians, 71% of Indonesians and 69% of Malaysians and Filipinos enjoy or are passionate about cooking.
• 66% of men enjoy or are passionate about cooking with the fairer sex falling behind at 63%.

Quality of fresh food is better than in the past

Countries with a greater wet market tradition are in agreement that the quality of fresh food is better than in the past. However, in countries that are modernising quickly to compete as commercial and industrial hubs in the region, the figures are significantly lower.

The belief in the improvement of quality is also largely in sync with the improvement in food storage technology. As refrigerators get more sophisticated, food can be stored for longer periods and its freshness is preserved as well.
  • • 51% of Asians believe the quality of fresh food is better than in the past.
  • • 59% of Filipinos, 58% of Vietnamese and 51% of Indians believe the quality is better while 42% of Malaysians and 46% of Chinese believe this to be so.

Health is a big concern

With health being a major cause for concern in today’s society, it is no surprise that such concerns should be addressed from within the home. Almost all respondents emphatically believe that you can cook and eat your way to better health. Understandably, the vast majority of people worry about health when cooking a meal at home. Even when dining out, nearly nine out of 10 respondents were concerned with health issues.

Oil and salt are the two main sources of worry when cooking at home. The quality and quantity of oil used occupy the first two positions respectively with salt being a close third. As far as cooking methods go, deep fried food causes the most concern.

What’s surprising is that ‘Best before dates’ are not as strictly adhered to as one might think. Only about three quarters of total respondents refuse to use food after its expiry date. A number of them are still willing to serve it up as long as it has not exceeded more than a couple of days.

Interestingly, this trend is more prevalent in Singapore than in other Asian countries, with only slightly less than half of Singaporean respondents discarding food which have gone past its ‘Best before dates’.

“Health is and always will be a huge concern in today’s society. That is why it is never far off our minds when we design our products. Be it refrigerators for better and longer food preservation, to cooker hoods that clear the air while cooking. We believe in providing only the best for our consumers,” said Mr Paracciani.
  • 95% of respondents believe you can cook and eat your way to better health.
  • 96% of Asians worry about health when cooking a meal at home vs 89% who worry about health when dining out.
  • 68% are concerned about the quality of oil used when cooking, 66% about the amount of oil used and 62% about the amount of salt.
  • 73% of respondents will not use food after its ‘Best before date’ with 57% of Singaporeans willing to risk consumption after it.
Thai and Chinese cooks most likely to experiment

Thai and Chinese cooks lead the way in creativity and seldom use recipes. In fact, more than half of them are comfortable enough in their culinary skills to adapt dishes to their own personal taste or create new recipes themselves. Not surprisingly, those who opt for the creative approach are more likely to enjoy and have a passion for cooking.
  • 40% of Thai and Chinese cooks seldom or never use recipes.
  • 24% of Thai cooks treat cooking as a hobby and create their own recipes while the Chinese account for 26%.
  • 36% of Thai cooks adapt recipes to their own taste, similar to the Chinese at 35%.
  • 74% of respondents who are passionate and enjoy cooking adopt a creative/adaptive approach.

More about the survey

The Electrolux Asian Food Survey, one of Asia’s largest food surveys, was launched in June 2010 with a sample size of more than 4,000 Asians. The online survey is conducted in English, Vietnamese, Bahasa Melayu, Thai and Mandarin via each country’s local Electrolux website.

The survey comprised a questionnaire of multiple-choice questions about food preparation, cooking and dining habits. The questionnaire had been made available since June and the survey ran till the end of October.

This is the second time Electrolux has conducted such a survey with the first taking place in 2007.

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Metro Dental Offers Top-Notch Dental Care for Filipino Families

Filipino families now have access to top-notch dental healthcare with the launch of Metro Dental in key locations in the Metro. And just recently, Metro Dental’s newest branch in Greenbelt 5 was formally opened by Dr. Steve Mark Gan with Antonio L. Go and Rene J. Buenaventura, group chairman and vice-chairman of Equicom Group of Companies, respectively.

Rene J. Buenaventura

“We are committed to provide and maintain exemplary dental health care for Filipino families and opening a branch at the central business hub of the country is a step to make this happen,” said Dr. Steve Mark Gan.

Dr. Steve Mark Gan

With clinics located at strategic areas all over the country, Metro Dental has made its mark with a distinct dental experience that offers the latest in dental technology and the services of the some of the country’s leading dental practitioners.

Dr. Steve Mark Gan shared that Metro Dental’s unique advantage is the fact that it has a core of full-time licensed dentists. “With this, we’re able to provide thorough consultation, personalized service, and top-notch treatment to our patients. The fact that our practitioners undergo continuous training and are well-versed with the latest advancements in dental technologies further ensures that our patients get the care and treatment that they deserve.”

Now that Metro Dental has opened in the highly accessible Greenbelt 5 mall, more people have easy access to dental services ranging from conventional check-ups to cosmetic dental procedures. Orthodontics (braces), endodontics (root canal therapy), restorative dentistry, and tooth extraction are just some of the services and procedures that those in the Makati CBD can avail themselves of.

Metro Dental is part of the Equicom Group of Companies, a diversified conglomerate composed of companies in information technology, healthcare, and financial services. “We’re proud to say that Metro Dental is born out of a partnership— a synergistic partnership that combines the dental expertise of Dr. Gan and the business resources and excellent reputation of the Equicom Group of Companies,” noted Antonio L. Go.

Indeed, the launch of the newest Metro Dental clinic in Greenbelt 5 provides a new option for Filipino families looking for elevated dental healthcare that fits their specialized needs and lifestyle.

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Whirlpool celebrates 100 years of heritage and excellence in home appliances

Whirlpool Corporation is marking its 100th anniversarythis year, commemorating its world-renowned legacy and excellence in the home appliance business.The company marks its most important year worldwide with the unveiling of a new logo, kicking off a year-long celebration of the company’s centennial.
“The 100th Anniversary logo reflects Whirlpool Corporation’s heritage, global reach and our plans for the future,” said Jeff M. Fettig, Whirlpool Corporation chairman and chief executive officer. “It’s a fitting symbol of the core principles of integrity and perseverance set by Whirlpool's Lou Upton, Emory Upton and Lowell Bassford when they introduced the first electric wringer washing machine in 1911. But while Whirlpool has a proud history, this is really about looking forward to the next 100 years and how the company will continue to improve home and family life for future generations.”
In line with the worldwide celebrations, Whirlpool Philippineshas lined up exciting activities and promotions for its local customers, all geared at strengthening the company’s presence in the country for the years to come.

“As we mark Whirlpool’s centennial year, we are not only reminded of its long-standing heritage and excellence in the home appliance industry, but more importantly signals the company’s thrust to elevate and improve the quality of life of families around the world,” said Joy Catiis-Cruz, Marketing Manager of Whirlpool Philippines.

According to Cruz, the Philippine celebration of the Whirlpool centenary will be highlighted by new top-of-the-line products that will introduce Filipinos to a whole new level of elegance and comfort in the home. The products that will be launched “are designed to meet their need for home appliances that exude sophistication but are most importantly, durable and of very high-quality.”

Founded on November 11, 1911, Whirlpool Corporation has influenced home and family life during the last century. The company is driven by the belief that everyone needs a comfortable place to call home and has a 100 year history of creating better ways of cooking, cleaning, refrigerating and storing. By focusing on one person, one family, one home, one community at a time, Whirlpool Corporation is committed to creating better lives, better homes and a better world.

Beka, Unilever team up for easy cleanup!

Stainless steel cookware remains a popular choice among many households and professional kitchens today. One name that consistently delivers high quality stainless steel cookware is Beka. The Beka Lugano Range, for instance, is ideal and convenient for preparing your favorite dishes – from the simplest to the most complex ones!

This season, Beka Lugano Range and Unilever team up to help you with your cooking and cleaning needs! Cleaning your stainless steel cookware definitely need not be difficult with CIF Cream Surface Cleaner, a new revolutionary non-scratch surface cleaner from Unilever that helps you do tough cleaning with minimum effort.

Especially ideal for cleaning stainless steel cookware like Beka Lugano Range, CIF Cream Surface Cleaner is the only product which combines chemical and mechanical action to deliver great results in tough cleaning without harming your surfaces. Now, you don’t ever have to worry about the hassle of cleaning your stainless steel cookware and other hard surfaces. With CIF Cream Surface Cleaner, your cookware set will definitely look as good as new!

To make things even more exciting, Beka is giving away CIF Cream Surface Cleaner for every purchase of Beka Lugano cookware. Enjoy your favorite dishes with a quality stainless steel cookware only from Beka - and breeze through your cleaning duties with a tough stainless steel cleaner like CIF Cream Surface Cleaner! Promo will run through the whole month of February.

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Big savings on grocery purchases and utility bills from the new Citibank Cash Back Card

Is it possible to save as you spend? The country’s leading credit card has found a way to make it happen with the launch of its newest product – the Citibank Cash Back Card.

With the Citibank Cash Back Card, cardholders get maximum savings on everyday purchases such as groceries as well as on basic home utility expenses. This rebate offer comes on top of all the value added features of owning a Citibank credit card – discounts and freebies at thousands of partner stores and restaurants in the country.

“Citibank has always been about giving rewarding experiences to our cardholders. What better way to reward them than give them more of what they need – savings on where they spend the most such as on groceries and utility bills? That’s giving them the ultimate value for their hard-earned money,” said Bea Teh-Tan, Credit Payment Products Head for Citibank Philippines.

Apply for the new Citibank Cash Back Card and get 5% rebate on all supermarket purchases at all groceries, all year round.

Plus, from now until June 30, 2011, cardholders can also enjoy savings on basic home utility expenses with 5% rebate on Meralco, PLDT landline and myDSL bills every month. To avail, cardholders simply need to enroll Meralco, PLDT landline or myDSL accounts in Citi One Bill, a facility that automatically charges their utility bills to their Citibank credit card. Another way to earn the attractive rebates is to visit Citibank Online and pay for utility bills charged to the Citibank Cash Back Card account through payments and transfers.

The newest and most exciting addition to Citibank’s diverse card portfolio, the Citibank Cash Back Card complements customers’ wise spending habits by giving them great savings they can use to provide more for their family’s basic needs.

Moreover, the Citibank Cash Back Card also offers cardholders 0.5% rebate on all other purchases. This means they can always enjoy the cash back from their purchases any time of the year without having to wait for special promotions to avail of savings. Each swipe of this card gives cardholders cash back they can use to pay for other expenses like home repair or payment for their kid’s school project.

“What’s great is that cardholders can easily get their earned rebates conveniently and automatically each month without the hassles of calling customer service to redeem. The rebates are automatically credited to your account,” explained Tan.

A Citibank Cash Back cardholder can earn a maximum of P12,000 worth of rebates in a calendar year. That’s definitely much more than the annual membership fee of P2,800. In fact, that annual membership fee can be waived every year, for as long as the customer spends at least P180,000 a year, or P 15,000 per month.

Apart from the rebates, Cash Back cardholders also enjoy a low interest rate of only 2.99% a month.

With the Citibank Cash Back Card, you get to save on everything, everywhere, every day of the year. To know more about the Citibank Cash Back Card, call the 24-Hour CitiPhone at 995-9999 or visit

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A Celebration of Creativity and Community

Hello mga friends! Here's a little something for your summer escapades, especially now that summer's near! Something special, something grand, something no less than perfect for friends and family. What could it possibly be? Read on!

* * *  

Good food, beautiful music, interesting stories, and even more interesting people—all these are the ingredients for an enjoyable night among old pals, new friends, and neighbors. Such was the recipe for Ayala Westgrove Heights’ Night Festival—which saw residents of this close-knit community welcoming guests to the first monthly celebration of its twelve years—held at the highest peak of Ayala Land Premier’s residential development in the South.

The beautiful landscapes of the 400-hectare orchard community (the largest development in its category) provided the ideal environment for the evening, where guests enjoyed fantastic views complemented by delicious food especially prepared by Westgrove Height’s own foodies. In addition, the neighborhood’s canopy of mango trees, set against the sprawling natural features of Westgrove Heights became the perfect backdrop for budding photographers.

“Ayala Westgrove Heights has great amenities and beautiful green spaces to offer,” says Ms. Tracy Nieto, a resident of Ayala Westgrove Heights . “But what stands out most in Westgrove Heights was the community—the people who live here. We saw how everyone interacted with one another, how it fostered a sense of community among neighbors that made it possible to share interests and passions with one another.”

Throughout the year, residents of Ayala Westgrove Heights continue to share their passions and creativity. The community continues to create many different interesting activities and organizations—from tennis groups for active residents and painting workshops for the artistically inclined to soccer or play groups for the kids. It is this very active community that adds to Ayala Westgrove Heights’ vibrant landscape and defines the development’s distinctive neighborhood and lifestyle. Coupled with modern amenities, green open spaces, and a relaxing natural environment, Ayala Westgrove Heights creates a nurturing environment for families who want nothing but the best for each member’s growth and development.

“It’s truly a place where the spirit of community is alive and encouraged,” adds Ms. Nieto. “There is always something for everyone—be it weekend picnics, nature walks, basketball games—the list goes on. Beyond the many features and the relaxing natural atmosphere of Westgrove Heights, we’d also like to make each and every family feel like they are a part of a bigger family—the community itself.

* * *

O, hindi ba? Take it from me, it was a slice of paradise.


See for yourself!


             Mandarin Oriental, Manila ushers in the Year of the Metal Rabbit with pomp and pageantry in a celebration that includes: a grand Midnight Countdown on the eve of Chinese New Year on Wednesday, February 2; sumptuous Chinese New Year set menus at Tin Hau; homemade tikoy; a delightful room package for local residents, and the debut of renowned geomancer Master Joseph Chau’s much awaited 2011 Forecast.

 Master Jay Chau

Midnight Countdown to the 2011 Year of the Metal Rabbit

            With the support of BMW, Infinity Powered by Smart, Hennessy XO, Enchanted Kingdom, Hong Kong Express Airways; and Mandarin Oriental, Sanya, the festivities for the public kick off at 11 pm with a traditional paai shan ceremony and blessing headed by Master Chau; an eye-dotting ceremony; a dragon dance; and outdoor fireworks at the hotel mound at the corner of Makati Avenue and Paseo de Roxas.

Ticket holders are invited to pre-event alfresco cocktails at the hotel’s Makati Avenue entrance, beginning at 10 pm and later partake of a sumptuous eight-course lauriat dinner in the Mandarin Ballroom, where dishes symbolic of good fortune and prosperity will be offered at midnight for the revelers’ first lucky meal of the year. At the dinner, theatrical entertainment numbers will be presented, and diners get a chance to win exciting prizes, including a trip for two persons to Sanya, China with a 3-day, 2-night stay in an Ocean Pavilion at the luxurious Mandarin Oriental, Sanya resort hotel.

To heighten the tantalizing experience, the Ballroom will be dressed up for the occasion in the customary elegant style of Mandarin Oriental. The tickets, which are priced at PHP2,988 nett for adults, and PHP1,588 nett for children ages 12 and below, offer access to all the festivities; a seat at the midnight lauriat; and a copy of Master Joseph Chau’s comprehensive 2011 Year of the Metal Rabbit forecast. The book will be available for sale at The Lobby Shop and Mandarin Deli beginning February 3 at PHP488  

“We are delighted to carry on this tradition that has become a landmark annual event in the city, as we recognize the continuing interest in our auspicious celebration” says General Manager Mark Bradford. “In keeping with our mission to delight our guests, we go to great lengths to offer a celebration that will live up to their expectations,” he adds. The hotel’s annual midnight festivity, which is considered the biggest outside Binondo, is on its 15th year.

Room & Spa Package

For those who wish to celebrate the occasion with a stay at the hotel, the Chinese New Year Room package is available to local residents and expatriates with a valid resident’s certificate. Beginning at PHP6,888+++ for single or double occupancy overnight stay in a Superior or Deluxe Room, the package includes a breakfast buffet at Paseo Uno; PHP1,000 credit which can be used for dining or spa; 20% discount for all a la carte treatments at The Spa at Mandarin Oriental; late checkout at 4:00 pm subject to availability; and a copy of Master Joseph Chau’s 2011 Year of the Metal Rabbit Forecast. The package is valid from February 2 to February 7. Children ages 12 and below are free of charge when sharing a room with parents.

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, meanwhile, offers the New Year Bliss package: a 60-minute relaxing, soothing massage that uses a specially-blended oil of May Chang and Lavender. Guests can take home their own bottle of this custom massage oil, as well as a PHP500 spa voucher for use on their next visit. The New Year Bliss package is priced at PHP1,880 nett.

Homemade Tikoy and Set Menus at Tin Hau

Homemade tikoy or nian gao, a sticky delicacy made from glutinous rice, is available at Mandarin Oriental, Manila’s Chinese New Year booth until 2 February. Different shapes are available, including lotus flowers, pineapples, fish and rabbits. These are priced from PHP288 for a small size to PHP1,088 for the large flower-shaped variety.

Set menus are also available at Tin Hau, from February 2 to 6. A total of six menus are available, with Chinese New Year dishes such as Stewed US beef with Nourishing Chinese herbs; Steamed white seabass fillet with ginger paste and superior soy sauce; Deep fried boneless chicken stuffed with shrimp mousse and sesame seed; Roasted US spring duck with “Xai Xi” sauce; and Braised abalone, sea cucumber and black moss with vegetables in oyster sauce, among others. One notable menu to try is Tin Hau’s Pen Cai set menu, which comes with the traditional Pen Cai, a rich, hearty stew usually served during Chinese New Year. Tin Hau’s version includes Australian abalone, sea cucumber, US beef shank, shrimps, dried scallops, dried oyster, Chinese mushrooms, black moss, seafood mousse stuffed on fish maw, quail eggs, soy sauce chicken and Chinese cabbage. The set menus range from PHP1,488+++ to PHP2,388+++ per person. Tin Hau’s Pen Cai set menu is priced at PHP1,688+++ per person, and serves 5 to 7 persons, and should be ordered at least four hours in advance. On February 2, there will be two seatings available for dinner: from 5:30 pm up to 7:30 pm, and from 8:00 pm up to 10:00 pm.

For inquiries and reservations, call 750 8888 or email

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Mega celebrates her birthday with a new love:

Marie France 

Why is the Mega Star slimmer, healthier and more beautiful these days? Sharon Cuneta has found a new love – Marie France, the secret to her easy, effortless weight loss.


“I'm a happy person. I prefer to be positive and not think that there are struggles that cannot be solved. My faith in God is too big for that. But if there was one problem that I knew I could control but I just did banjing-banjing for a long time – it's really been my weight!”

Straight from the Mega Star – her weight gain, slimming and the results.

Q: You were slim back in the days when you were much younger. But come early 2000, your weight started to fluctuate. What factors do you think contributed to your weight gain?
A: Yeah, I was slim talaga 'di ba? And I'd like people to realize also that out of the 45 years of my life, I was slim for more than ¾ of my years on earth. But there were a lot of factors of my weight gain. One was I think I ruined my metabolism with all the crash diets I did. So parang the rebound way would be of course I would gain more than what I lost. I would go on a crash diet and lose a lot of weight. I did a couple of movies, tapos I got pregnant, doon lumabas. Plus I realized I was an emotional eater.

Q: How did emotional eating affect your weight?
A: Ang daming emotion ng pagpayat or pagtaba ko. Even before, hindi ma-predict ng mga tao na either I was in love or nag-break kami ng boyfriend ko that's why I lost or gained weight. This time around, after giving birth to my daughter Miel, I lost weight. Tapos parang 10 pounds to go na lang to my target weight okay na biglang circumstances would change. I figured out that I was an emotional eater. So 'pag sasabihin na hindi tuloy ang isang project ko, I got upset. So nawawalan ako ng gana. I started eating without the intention naman of gaining weight. Pero before you know it, nay! I gained na pala. Kasi I have a sweet tooth eh, so I like to comfort myself with anything 'di ba, lovely and sweet! (laughs)

Aside from that I grew up in show business where I wasn’t really used to eating on time. Tapos 'pag puyatan 'yung body clock ko sira. So sira din 'yung meal times ko, wala akong schedule na pina-follow like most people 'di ba?

Q: Childbirth is also one of the main reasons why women put on so much weight? How was it for you?
A: I lost weight after I gave birth to my first daughter KC. I became thinner than when I was single. I breastfed her for six months. When I had Frankie, I became thinner than I was before having her also. Kaya lang afterwards, dahan-dahan nagki-creep in 'yung weight, eksakto naman nag-di-diyeta ako nang nabuntis ako with my youngest daughter Miel. Kasi nakailang movies pa ako n'on. At saka I think it was harder with Miel kasi when my pregnancy with her started, medyo malake na ako. Palaki na ako n'on. After making a movie back then, AY naku! It was again emotional. I had to bring KC to Paris to leave her there for college, 2003 'yon. Tapos tuluy-tuloy na. Biglang I found out that I was pregnant naman noong January of 2004. Wala na, the weight gain dire-diretso na.

Q: You had projects even when you were at your heaviest. And people especially your fans continued to support you. So what is your main motivation for wanting to lose the excess pounds now?
A: My children and still my work. I have a new baby also. That's the number one reason actually. When I spend time with my children I noticed I always say, “Stay here muna with me, let's draw.” 'Pag medyo active it's with my husband Kiko 'yon or the cousins. They run around. So let's face it naman, before nung those days na 25 to 30 years old ako kaya ko naman makipaghabulan. Now that I'm in my 40s, it's different. So it's really my kids. I want to be active again for them.

Q: How important is health for you as a mother?
A: I had to be healthier if I wanted to be more active. I needed to shed unwanted pounds that I was lugging around. I've always wanted to have nice long walks with my children not naman marathon. It's to keep up with them 'pag naghahabulan dyan, when I tickle them, hindi ako hapung-hapo agad.

Q: What about losing weight for work?
I wanna do a lot of work. I couldn't possibly finish a movie if I have no energy. I wanted to give my fans my best. On screen it's really unfair, if I lose 10 pounds it doesn't register agad. Because I'm still carrying 10 pounds on TV. If I'm malas I'm 10-15 pounds bigger on the screen.

Q: Among all the slimming centers, why did you choose Marie France?
A: The truth is in 1986 I tried Marie France already. That's after my first daughter KC was born. It really jump-started my weight loss. Nakapagtangga pa nga ako nun eh. I just needed to go back to the whole system of Marie France. Besides, I was 44 years old when I underwent their treatments again. I must say I really needed help. If I can lose weight easier with the modern, non-invasive treatments why not do it 'di ba? And it's a fact that Marie France has built its reputation over the decades. So I mean if you go with something, go with something that has been for the record and on the record SUCCESSFUL.

Q: What were your expectations before starting the treatments at Marie France?
A: I've been very realistic. I mean I didn't expect Marie France to be totally responsible for my weight loss, that it has to be very very rapid. No! I told myself, this time I'm gonna do it steadily, not as slow as if I am going to do it alone. No, because I know whatever treatments they have will help me speed it up. But not too quickly that my body will suffer because it's not healthy to lose weight too quick also. Take it from me.

Q: So far, what results have you gotten from Marie France's treatments?
A: Oh my golly! Just recently, the one who makes my clothes for one of my TV shows measured me again to make new outfits because almost all of my dresses are maluwag na. And it's so parang my stomach area alone, I lost 7 inches na! That's really huge. My God, it's no joke. And I'm not bagsak. I'm not haggard-looking. With the Marie France treatments, my skin is not, you know, lawlaw.

Q: How did Marie France help you shape up?
A: Honestly, I had an invasive treatment before. I never denied that. But that's such a quick fix and it gave me more headaches because of the problems it caused on my body. I think, there's nothing wrong with that though. But I wish I could have gone to Marie France before going through the invasive procedure. I wish I could have lost weight much sooner, and I would be able to keep it off. Now I'm losing the weight that's close to the natural way at Marie France. If I did what I'm doing now in terms of food intake and even sa diet without their treatments, it would have been next to impossible for me to lose the amount of weight I had in the same amount of time. The treatments have helped me speed up my metabolism and reduce my fat. It's worth it. It really works. Take it from me.

Q: How do you feel about yourself now?
A: I've done something with my weight and I feel good! I'm happy with the results. When you feel good about yourself, you're more ganado to work. That's what I feel. I'm more ganado to work. And I'm more active with my kids and I play with them. I'm happier. My disposition just changed because when I was at my fattest parang feeling ko kahit na tinatawanan ko ang sarili ko, actually galit na galit ako sa sarili ko pati sa trabaho easy-easy lang ako. I didn't care na kahit I was coming late kasi feeling ko ang pangit-pangit ko naman. Parang ano ba 'tong gagawin ko eh 'pag dating ko naman doon ganito pa rin naman ang itsura ko. Alam mo 'yon? And nobody knew that. So ang ginagawa ko I made fun of myself bago ako pagtawanan kasi mahi-hurt ako. So parang why would I allow myself to keep feeling that way.

Q: Your almost six-year battle of the bulge has been quite a journey. What do you appreciate most with your weight loss?
A: My weight loss is so important to me. Oo, dati inuunahan ko lang, tatawa ako. 'Pag may namimintas na, I learned more about self-preservation. You save your heart from pain. Sabihin ko or i-psych ko ang sarili ko na, “Oh, pipintasan ka kasi hindi naman ganyan ang itsura mo noon.” So when other people would comment, “Ang taba-taba niya,” ready na ako agad. Eh totoo naman eh. 'Di ba? Tapos masaket. Inuunahan ko lang. And feeling ko whenever I look and this is so important especially to me … whenever I look in the mirror before, it wasn't myself that I saw. And I missed myself so much. Because the image was malayo to what I used to have. Parang hindi ako 'to. Sharon what did you do? Where are you? I would tell myself that. So halos kaya ako maiyak-iyak kasi hindi ako makapaniwala sa pictures pa lang, parang nakikita ko ako. I'm getting to the Sharon that I used to be. And now that I started losing weight … it's just... it's very encouraging. I'm so touched. I'm very happy. I'm getting there, really getting there.

Q: What is your message to women who are battling the bulge?
A: If you're feeling hopeless, please don't. I've been in that desperate stage. I asked myself many times, “Ako ba papayat pa?” But when I tried the Marie France treatments and I noticed that my weight loss was speeding up, I was encouraged to continue to lose more weight. Ngayon I don't wanna let go. Kasi I've lost weight and inches already. Once you've lost this much you don't wanna gain back even four pounds or three pounds. It's scary. Ako parang I'm so inspired and I'm so encouraged. So for those who really know me, they know that I'm true to my word. I'm not gonna accept an endorsement and then tell you it works even if it doesn't. I recommend Marie France – it really works! 
Sharon lost more than 20 lbs

and 24 inches all over ...
ARMS: 2.25
BUST: 4.5
HIPS: 3.75
THIGHS: 4. 75

 … and this is just the beginning.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Eventologist and The Green Hornet

The Green Hornet is out! SM Cinemas was nice enough to sponsor viewings for the media last Monday. There was food from Yellow Cab, Frutas, Yoshinoya, and Krispy Kreme - I don't think movie food could get any better than that.

For those who still have yet to find out what The Green Hornet is all about, here's something from to help you out:

The Green Hornet is out this week, director Michel Gondry’s Seth Rogen/Jay Chou-starring action-comedy about a regular shmo and his techno genius/martial arts expert playal who decide to play superhero. The movie is actually quite good; even if you’ve had enough of Rogen – has anyone not had enough of Rogen? – Gondry’s involvement elevates the flick to something better than it has any right to be.

What you might not realize is The Green Hornet has roots that extend all the way back to the 1930s. Gondry’s take is only the latest version of a character that has seen many transformations over the years. So we put together this handy little guide to help get you up to speed before going into the new movie.

The Green Hornet: Origins

The Green Hornet was born in a 1936 radio program that first played on a local Detroit station, a creation from George W. Trendle and Fran Striker. As with the new movie, the masked vigilante’s alter-ego was newspaper publisher Britt Reid. He was much more dashing than Rogen’s Reid is made out to be, a true hero, aided by his faithful valet, Kato.

Trendle, who had previously worked on the development of another popular radio series, The Lone Ranger, got together with Striker, a writer, and director James Jewell. Their intent was to create a work of entertainment that considered the corruption in the political establishment and one man’s fight against it. As is the case in the new movie, the Hornet’s vigilante ways lead him to be marked as a criminal. He played into this, antagonizing criminals into attacking him so he could leave defeated foes for the police without raising suspicions concerning his true intentions.


Read more here from!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure whether it be local or international, a wise packer knows how important space and convenience can be. The art of packing light has eluded a great many travelers as they attempt to pack the entire trips essentials into bags that will serve as their home away from home.

Do some of you remember saying “I won’t pack soap or shampoo, I can just purchase from the nearest store”. Only to find that when you arrive, the nearest store was either closed or wasn’t as near you presumed it to be?

Packing light has always been a task for many. But who said you had to sacrifice the basic necessities just to make the shuffle from one destination to another a little lighter to bear? You can still travel light and still have your most basic needs in your bag.

How? ONE Naturales, an organic, natural and eco-friendly line of beauty products released just last year boxed sets containing convenient sizes of the most essential parts of your basic toiletry needs. Travel light, one of the 3 sets contains a solid shampoo, solid conditioner, face and body soap, and body scrub and hand and body lotion. These are the perfect combination of basic products, with the benefits of luxury in easy to pack portions perfect for the constant traveler.

ONE Naturales, a personal care and beauty line exclusively available at select SM Department Stores and Watsons branches, offer a wealth of gift ideas that will not only delight your gifts’ recipients because of the benefits that they offer, but also help promote the preservation of our natural resources.

ONE Naturales products also make use of a variety of essential oils combined with organic extracts, exudates and purees at high concentrations to greatly benefit the skin.

Some of these essential oils are sweet almond oil, linseed seed oil, coconut oil, and lavender oil. Sweet almond oil contains highly moisturizing and emollient properties and is rich in Omega 9 and Omega 6. Linseed seed oil contains he highest amounts of Omega 3 among all vegetable oils. Coconut oil boosts skin moisture, nourishment and protection, and lavender oil contains a highly relaxing aromatic scent that relieves nervous tension and calms the mind. It is also known for its antiseptic and soothing properties.

More importantly ONE Naturales is against animal testing and animal cruelty. The squalene found in its hand and body lotions, for example, is sourced from natural organic compounds found in vegetable oils extracted from Amaranth seed, rice bran, wheat germ, and olives, instead of shark liver oil.

ONE Naturales’ current product range includes body soaps, solid shampoos, moisturizers, skin bar conditioners, body butter, lip butter balms, hair conditioners, and lotion massage bars.

ONE Naturales is exclusively available in selected SM Department Stores and Watsons nationwide.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Patchi Philippines

Renowned worldwide for its succulent premium chocolate, Patchi has become the ultimate destination for chocolate gifts. Patchi’s winning concept is already widespread across the globe with more than 143 boutiques expanded in four continents.

Patchi tailors every celebration in life by offering exquisite chocolate to celebrate great festivities and special occasions. Its quest for perfection has won the corporation a global success establishing itself as a trendsetter in the field of chocolate decoration and gifting.

Following an uncompromising high standards policy that reflects its commitment to continuously improving the quality of its products and services, Patchi is ISO 9001 - 2000 certified for Quality Management, which guarantees the highest level of standardization in the world and confirms Patchi’s commitment to premier performance and quality.

Today the brand is internationally known for its devotion to quality, creativity, and elegance through its stylish boutiques, proudly spread across major cities and capitals of the world with an intention to satisfy a diversified clientele.

Worldwide Expansion

In 1974, Patchi inaugurated its first boutique in Beirut - Lebanon, one that generated heavy traffic from the start. Using exclusively premium ingredients from day one, the boutique offered a wide range of delightful filled items ornamented with decorated chocolates suiting various life celebrations and occasions. Appreciated equally for their flavor & design, the little treats rose to fame and were highly anticipated, especially in meaningful occasions like Christmas and Chinese New Year. The brand name built a sound reputation and expanded out of Beirut to various countries over the globe covering the most cosmopolitan cities: Paris, London, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur & Hong Kong.

Today Patchi is a global brand name, operating in four continents, with 143 boutiques present in 26 countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Brunei, Egypt, France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Jordan, KSA, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Macau, Malaysia, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Singapore, Syria, South Africa, UAE, UK, USA, with future plans to open in Tunisia, Algeria & Ukraine.

The Chocolate

Although the secret of success should be kept secret, the reasons behind Patchi’s chocolate global success are conspicuous. Patchi has forever been committed to providing its customers all over the world with the finest quality products, confectioned according to traditional excellence and stylishly wrapped with perfect elegance. Endowed with a remarkable flair for details, Patchi remains faithful to sophistication in design, one that has turned into an art by all means.

Patchi chocolate arrangements are of the most valuable assets in the organization’s culture. Especially tailored and personalized for any occasion, whether New Born, Wedding, Christmas, Valentine or any other life celebration… All made with love & care to best suit all aspirations, translating the authentic sense of aesthetics and reflecting everyone’s taste in style. Aside from chocolate arrangements, Patchi owns a line of chocolate boxes including a selection of 54 flavors filled within tin, leather, wooden, carton or mini bags consisting the perfect gift for any occasion.

Moreover, Patchi is distinguished with its executive corporate gift collections: it offers endless choices of lines & products, all of which can be customized, using cutting edge technologies & high end production, all designed to help businesses manage the corporate gift that reflects the enterprise’s image.


To complete its world of original offerings, Patchi has defined special lines suiting anyone who is looking for a gift of style and flair, and meeting with variant types of occasions, such as: Wedding, celebrating a new born with Patchi Baby, Patchi Silver and Patchino.

Patchi Wedding

For all brides to-be, Patchi offers special collections carrying each year different themes all related to the big day & its joy. Flowers, ornaments and lace decorate the bridal collection, which is not only limited to decorated chocolates but includes as well a variety of souvenirs of different designs and material - a giveaway to be cherished for a life time - along with a delightful collection of gift items and accessories.

Patchi Baby is a colorful world where Patchi celebrates the arrival of newborns in a joyful atmosphere. Teddy bears, butterflies, flowers, stars and animals adorn Patchi Baby chocolates and souvenirs. One may choose from the new collections introduced every season with different themes or have arrangements custom-made.

In addition to all the above, an elegant selection of gift items that comes with or without chocolates is available; from elegant vases to creatively designed picture frames.

In the playful world of Patchino, the younger members of the family are also invited to enjoy Patchi Chocolate. With Bonny the Rabbit, Catty the Cat, Doggy the Dog, Dolmy the Reindeer, Elly the Elephant, Gerry the Giraffe, Leony the Lion, Timmy the Tiger and Zoey the Zebra, Patchino's wide collection of delicious chocolates, educational and fun toys is sure to enrich the imagination of the younger generation.

Patchi Philippines
Welcome to the World of Patchi

From opening its boutiques in capitals such as Beirut, London, Paris, Dubai and Kuala Lumpur, Patchi is now in Manila; and where better to find its first boutique than in one of the most posh locations in the metro today – the Bonifacio Highstreet.

Patchi is a notable brand in the chocolate world, signified and acknowledged as a trendsetter in the field, due to its extensive experience in chocolate making and gifting. Keen to details of creation and presentation is Patchi’s philosophy, or in other words a philosophy of uncompromised quality, one that supported its global presence and enriched its offerings.

The world of Patchi offers a chocolate collection that comes in a range of over 54 different flavors, sizes, and fillings that are individually wrapped by skilled craftsmen in a unique artistic way. Customers may also choose from the pre-packed collection of chocolate boxes presented in different styles and material carrying different fillings, the silverware & crystal collection, in addition to various decorative items to fill with Patchi chocolates and offer as a one-of-a-kind gift.

Patchi also specializes in wrapped and decorated chocolates; enhancing both their appearance and versatility. With the purpose of satisfying various tastes and desires, Patchi regularly releases Chocolate collections for every season and life celebrations including Easter, Christmas, Ramadan, Chinese New Year, etc…

The Bonifacio Highstreet Manila boutique is set to cater for all luxury chocolate lovers and gift seekers, where customers are sure to enjoy products and services that are distinctively Patchi. So go on and create precious gifts that personalize your celebrations and delight your senses by offering yourself and your loved ones a box of delightful Patchi chocolates.